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Load & Progressions

Understand how to utilise the Pilates method for powerful physiological adaptation

In this workshop you will explore the ways in which the Pilates Method is able to holistically utilise enough resistance to stimulate the neuromuscular system to grow and adapt, to make lasting physical changes.

Pilates can be quite a gentle and subtle way of exercise, although with the understanding of how to use spring loading and programming strategies to increase intensity, one can certainly stimulate the nervous, muscular and hormonal systems to effect long lasting physical change.


This workshop will review understanding and knowledge of muscle physiology and action then

  • explore the Overload Principle in relation to the Pilates Method
  • participate in activities that involve the Reformer, the Trapeze Table and the Wunda Chair
  • experience variations of repertoire to understand how changes in load affects muscle recruitment, movement sequences, stability and outcomes of each exercise
  • review muscles and the relationship of stability vs power and function, how this relates to Pilates and how to program for effective results